Are You Starving for Your ‘Summer Body’?

Are You Starving for Your ‘Summer Body’?

How many articles about getting your “summer body” have you seen lately on magazine covers? The prospect of more time in shorts and swimsuits may have you looking to drop a few pounds quickly.

The desire for fast weight loss can lead us to some pretty extreme behavior. Like having a “breakfast” that’s just a big cup of black coffee and some sad kale and cardboard-tasting chicken for your other meals. Or, even worse, replacing all your meals with some dubious concoctions that are supposed to burn fat and cleanse your system.

Extreme calorie-cutting might actually get you that “summer body” — but it’s not even going to last the whole season. And you’ll end up in a worse place than where you started. Here’s why.

This Weight Loss Won’t Last

When you dramatically slash calories, you might indeed notice a quick drop on the scale. But don’t be deceived: What you’re seeing is your body shedding water and suffering stress.

As you continue to follow an extreme diet, your body will get used to the reduced amount of calories you’re feeding it and make adjustments in how it burns them. That’s because your body is programmed to sustain you and keep you going, not to help you look good in your swimsuit. If you’re giving it fewer calories, your body doesn’t interpret that as a signal to burn surplus fat. Instead, it figures that food must be in short supply and that it had better get more efficient in how it burns the fuel you give it.

The result? It becomes easier to gain weight because your metabolism has slowed. Your overall health also suffers. Your muscles break down, your immune system weakens and you might even harm your organs. You’re also not very much fun to be around: Extreme calorie-cutting makes you tired, spacey and irritable.

Goodbye, ‘Summer Body’

This kind of diet just isn’t sustainable.  You’ll be off it by the end of summer and — you guessed it — you’ll gain back all the weight you lost. But here’s the really rotten part: The next time you try to lose weight, it’ll be harder because you slowed down your metabolism. Depressing, right?

We think there’s a better way than this cycle of crash dieting and then regaining.

At Avenu Fitness, we don’t only believe in getting a summer body. Or a class reunion body, or a wedding body or a revenge body. Instead, we help our clients build sustainable routines and habits that support their health over the long term. That includes eating plenty of real food that both helps you look good and gives you energy for all the summer activities you enjoy.

We even have our very own learning kitchen where we host fun and informative sessions. Stop by sometime to check it out and learn more about our unique approach to fitness.

Action Steps

  1. Make a list of the things you love the most about summer. It might include things like “spending time with family on vacation” or “watching the sunset at the lake.” (We’re betting most of your answers aren’t tied to a number on the scale.)
  2. If you’ve ever dramatically restricted your calories before, think about the eventual result you experienced. How can you do things differently this time?
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