Stubborn Belly Fat | Confusion In The Chaos

Stubborn Belly Fat | Confusion In The Chaos

We are blessed with an incredible capacity to endure.

But when we’re bombarded with one extreme on top of another and little time to recover, our once firm foundation begins to feel like a house of cards.

In matters of health and fat loss, there’s constant confusion:

  • TIME: 60 minutes VS 45 minutes VS 30 minutes VS 7 minutes
  • CARDIO: spin VS jogging VS elliptical VS sprints
  • FOOD: paleo VS gluten-free VS calorie-free VS ketosis
  • PROGRAM: 21-day jump start VS 7-day fat blast VS 3-day detox VS 1-day fast
  • GOAL: all-in VS cold turkey VS I’ll try VS changing every time the wind shifts 
  • METHOD: weights VS pilates VS yoga VS HIIT VS whatever is the next fad

Obviously I have my preferences. But I get you’ve been burned too many times to accept my word-smithed notes for face value.

Let me paint a quick picture:

  • 1960s – Jumping jacks, hula hoops and Weight Watchers
  • 1970s – Aerobic jogging, Jazzercise and diet pills
  • 1980s – Body building and the calorie deprivation diet
  • 1990s – Functional training and The Atkins Diet
  • 2000s – HIIT,  CrossFit, Big Group Workouts and a willingness to try any ludicrous diet.
  • Today – Exer-taining and a general sense of confusion with regards to what a healthy food actually is. 

Defining the Playing Field 

Exer-taining = combo of exercising with entertaining. Training environments now resemble night clubs. Workouts are about the experience. Every session has to be worthy enough to brag about on social media. And people change their routines faster than a gnats lifespan.

Healthy Food = vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and a variety of meats. You can say that processed foods, a couple of glasses of nightly alcohol, regular weekend binge dinners out with friends, finishing off your kids plate, and fast food because “it’s the only thing the kids eat” or that “it’s quick” fit somewhere within that list, but it’s like saying your dog ate your homework.

As Simon Sinek dissects in Start With Why :

When your WHY goes fuzzy, any HOW or WHAT will do.

When you don’t understand the bigger picture in what you’re doing, jumping from trend to trend is the norm because sustaining the course isn’t all that important.Chaos to Clarity

Achievement is something you reach or attain, like a goal. It is something tangible, clearly defined and measurable.

Success is a feeling or a state of being.

Achievement comes when you pursue and attain WHAT you want. Success comes when you are clear in pursuit of WHY you want it.

When you’re in pursuit of WHY, you hold yourself accountable to HOW you do it and WHAT you do serves as the tangible proof of what you believe.

For You That Means:

If a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is your WHY, look at your current choices with regards to food, sleep, working out, recovery and relationships.

Isn’t it ironic: If you are pursuing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, fat loss becomes a natural by-product of your journey and not a repeated New Year’s Resolution. (mic drop…..)

Brent Gallagher

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