Stubborn Belly Fat | Deciding What To Eat

Stubborn Belly Fat | Deciding What To Eat

I don’t want to…

  • live a boring life.
  • have to eat like that.
  • be accountable for what I eat or drink.
  • look over the menu when I’m at a business lunch.
  • be mindful of how much I’m eating when I’m out.
  • stop drinking diet drinks. No calories, right.

Basically, most think eating healthy isn’t any fun. 

If you’re idea of fun is feeling like crap, constantly stressing about your weight, and always trying to lose the same 5 lbs, go for it. 

If you’re idea of fun is feeling healthy, enjoying being active without painful joints, and maintaining an ideal weight over a lifetime, read on.  

You already know this:

Most of us are addicted to the combination of fats, sugars and salts within machine-made foods (processed, junk, convenience and fast foods). The food industry has hijacked our tastebuds and kitchens causing a biological addiction to these “fake” foods.

We think we like this processed combination, but we can’t help but crave the formulated recipes designed to keep us coming back.

Once you pop, you can’t stop

Most diet book gurus, celebrities, social media fat loss “experts” and your best friend who just lost a lot of weight, like to talk about what to eat for the short-term. Where the major gap lies is with why we eat the way we do and how we can simply change that for the long-haul.

The #1 driver of change:

It’s not motivation nor willpower.  It’s your environmental habits. Think about it: 

1) Convenience leads to consumption

  • Dare one say “No thank you” to the waiter brining an endless supply of chips and baskets of bread.
  • Dare not to keep ice cream, pop-tarts, Fudge Rounds, SnackWells or Girl Scout Cookies, KettleChips, diet drinks or whatever your weakness is around the house. If you really want them, inconvenience yourself and drive to the store (not ordering it with Uber Eats or Favor!). While on your way, have a heart to heart with yourself.
  • De-convenience tempting foods

2) Hide the cookies; uncover the carrots

  • In your refrigerator, put veggies and fruits on the top shelves (you’ll eat them quicker) replacing diet cokes and quick fixes for the crisper and hidden corners.
  • On your counter, place a variety of fruits and veggies out where they are seen daily and easily consumed.  
  • At work, put fruit in a clear bowl out in the open and put candy / sugary snacks in a solid bowl with a lid off to the side.  
  • Out of sight, out of mind.

3) Know your family’s “Nutrition Gatekeeper”

  • They control almost 72% of what your family eats
  • They do 90% of the grocery shopping, thus largely determining the menu.
  • It’s a thankless and stressful role, but one of the most important for setting healthy and sustainable habits into motion.

4) Identify and defuse your sabotaging alter-ego

  • The Meal Stuffer: Eat in excess, cleaning plates, 2nd’s and often feeling comfortably full
  • The Snack Grazer: Reach for convenient foods throughout the day, more out of habit than hunger. 
  • The Party Binger: Parties are high-distraction environments for bingers, who frequently lose track of consumption and overeat/drinks. 
  • The Restaurant Indulger: Frequent restaurants for business and personal reasons forgetting the kitchen at home was once for cooking.
  • The Desktop or Dashboard Diner: Eating while multitasking at your desk, chauffeuring the kids, etc, often not remembering what they just ate.   

The Bottom Line:

Listen this isn’t about fat loss. This is about creating health. And when you create health, disease goes away and fat loss just happens as a side affect.

So the trick, the secret, when deciding what to eat, is already hiding right in front of you: 

  • Load up on nutrient-dense foods.
  • Fill 1/2 your plate with veggies
  • Lastly, eat like an adult without the excuses 🙂
Brent Gallagher

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