Superfoods = Quick & Easy Fat Loss

Superfoods = Quick & Easy Fat Loss

Blueberries, Acai, Goji berries, and maca.

I’d say on average you might eat 25% of these foods on a regular basis (ya the blueberries).  We hear about them on the news, read about them on the internet and see the dehydrated versions sold in the health aisles of the grocery stores we shop in.

The rumors going around seem to tell messages of quick and easy weight loss, better circulatory function and improved sexual performance.  With positive results like that, who wouldn’t buy 2-20 bags of each “superfood”?

I’m not sure exactly what we think one single serving of these foods will do for our health.  A handful of blueberries once a week to ward off heart disease?  Sounds good.  Some tomatoes to help prevent cancer?  Count me in.  One of the problems with how we handle superfoods and food in general comes in the form of:

Blueberries are good for us?  Then heck yes I’ll take a big bowl of blueberry cobbler.  Throw on two scoops of vanilla ice cream because I hear vanilla is good for the skin.

Tomatoes help prevent cancer?  Good think I slather ketchup all over my hot dogs.  Wait, isn’t ketchup a vegetable as well?  All I have to say is two birds, one stone.  Boom

Look, I’ve been sucked into the labeling and advertising myself.  I’ve bought bags of hemp seeds and immediately expected to see changes in how I felt and looked.  I also though I was doing something slightly rebellious due to hemp’s association with marijuana.  Yes folks, with brains like that you are probably wondering if I graduated college (yes I did by the way).

The point I am haphazardly getting to is that we can’t get sucked into labeling.  It sure would be nice to have a quick food to help change our health situation.  It sure would be nice to have belly fat just melt away because we eat one thing.  That wishful thinking on our behalf is where we get into trouble.

Common sense tells us that the addition of one single food won’t change anything but so many of us long for change that we are willing to try anything.  Especially if it’s not a huge dietary overhaul or lifestyle change.  Who wants to do something that drastic…..geez….

Food companies know how to appeal to your soft spot.  That spot takes up residence in your mind but more than likely may feel it’s around your waistline.  Either way there are people out trying to take advantage of you.  They put the word “super” out there and use it to prey on you and your insecurities.

Don’t buy into hype and expect it to pay quick dividends.  There are most definitely foods out there that are better than others but they aren’t lifesavers.  You can’t escape the lifestyle change aspect of things.

Hate to break it to you.

Be super on a daily basis.  Try that cape on for size.  Make informed decisions.  Don’t just buy because the packaging is pretty and the tell you it’s possible to supercharge your diet.

You got this.  Leotard optional.

Ben MacMillan

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