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Right now, you need your health more than ever.

Warren Buffet once wrote: "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." Right now, the tide around the world is going out: Coronavirus spread Loss of an hour of sleep Global financial meltdown Stress and anxiety everywhere Right now, more than ever, stress...

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This Is Holding You Back From Eating Better

April is National Stress Awareness Month and it raises an interesting question: Do we really need an entire month to become aware of the stress we're already swimming in? There's deep psychology that goes along with any weight loss, get-in-shape, eat better journey. And it can add...

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Stubborn belly fat | What to do first

Stress is healthy when it comes in seasons: busy kids schedule, heavy travel, deadline at work, moving, remodeling, etc.   But your health and weight bear the brunt when there's a never ending, daily drip of minor stress on the treadmill of real life: Wake up tired after not...

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Not Getting What You Want?

If you're not getting what you want, you don't have to crush more calories, lift more weights or restrict more food (aka: redouble your efforts). When you've been consistently following all the basic steps: - sleeping 7+ hours - filling 1/2 your plate with veggies - training for 30...

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The most attractive offer: Do less, then obsess

Work ethic will get you only so far on your pursuit to a fit life.  If you rely solely on it, the mental gremlins whisper: Are you burning enough calories? Did you really push yourself hard enough? Shouldn't you do more? The sense of not being enough or measuring...

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