As a single mother with a busy career, Laura, knew that she needed to lose weight but she also knew she didn’t have time for long workouts. Watch Laura’s story of losing weight with in30 workouts.


A focus on his career, family, and a battle with cancer changed life for this former athelete. Watch Ron’s story of getting his health back and feeling better than ever at 55 years old.

'Pain Free in My 50s'

After giving up triathlons, I didn’t really have a workout purpose anymore. After a year I started getting tight in the pants, feeling sluggish and getting aches when I got out of bed — the usual stuff for a 55-year-old man.

Then one of Ellen’s best friends was raving about Avenu and I decided to give them a try. Why not? They’re only a block away!

So here I am, two years later, approaching 60 and feeling maybe better than I did in my 20s and 30s. I’m doing all the stuff I love and eating better — and I can still fit into my jeans from my intense training days. With zero aches and pains! And I have much more extra time every day since I’m not committed to two hours on the trainer, or an hour in the pool with a long run afterward.

I learned from triathlon that strength training is vitally important, not just for competition and to keep injuries at bay, but to keep the entire body in tune.

Strength has always been something I cannot do on my own. Believe me, I’ve tried. But when I set that Avenu appointment with David, I always make it in. And when I walk out, I’m always glad I went.

The atmosphere and the trainers make for an awesome experience, and my hat is off to Brent Gallagher for creating such an awesome place and changing so many lives. My daughters are now beyond excited to be members of Avenu, and my wife will soon be following suit.

Dean Wolpert
Client since February 2015

'I Wanted To Be an Example for My Children'

My husband and I never worked out, never were part of organized sports as children and generally had no clue how to exercise properly. And back in 2009, our high school-age son was going down the same path. That’s when I dropped by Avenu, met with super-nice Angie and signed my son up for training. We saw our son transform in front of our eyes over the next few years. As he prepared to leave for college, I had a light-bulb moment and decided to take his place.

My reasons for taking the leap were many. There are the health benefits: cardiovascular, stress relief and bone health, to name a few. But I also wanted to be an example for my children. I wanted to show them that no matter your age, exercise should be as routine as brushing your teeth and that no challenge was too great. And I wanted to show them that fitness and strength are more important that just what the scale says.

Despite my difficulties at first, including nausea and embarrassment, I now feel strong and coordinated with my three 30-minute sessions per week. I’m in better shape at 55 than I ever was as a young adult.

My experience at Avenu has been more than just physical. I have learned so much about exercise and fitness. Client education — through Facebook videos, regular emails and in-person sessions and demonstrations — supplements the Avenu experience.

Socially, Avenu is a real community. I’ve worked with Blake, a smart, kind, patient and encouraging coach, for years. I’ve never seen that guy without a smile!

Joining Avenu has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As my sweet dad used to say about facing challenges, “That’s no hill for a climber.” I’m glad I took that first step to join the Avenu community.

Kitty P.
Client since February 2009

'The Bedrock of My Personal Health Plan'

In November 2012, my doctor told me that I was on the threshold of becoming diabetic and that I needed to lose weight. Over the next three months, I lost weight with a strict diet and a daily walking regimen, but it wasn’t sustainable.

Inspired by my children, who are elite endurance athletes, I decided to get back in the gym. My first session at Avenu lasted 11 minutes before I tapped out. So my first goal was to simply make the full 30-minute workout. After a while, my second goal was to keep up with the women in my training group, some of whom are a bit older than me! Over time, Cassie introduced me to better lifestyle choices, like their unique 30-Day Reclaim perspective.

Avenu has become the bedrock of my personal health plan. My blood sugar and cholesterol are normal. My blood pressure and weight are down and stable. My waist has gone from 40 to 36. I have gained core strength and no longer have back pain. My flexibility and muscle tone have improved tremendously.

Now, I spend two mornings a week at Avenu. It is always a challenging 30 minutes, but my only regret is not starting sooner. The key for me is to never stop going. When I work out, my diet is better, I sleep more soundly, and I generally feel better. I never thought I’d feel like myself again. Cassie, thank you.

Steve Shiller
Client since March 2014

'I Feel Better and Have More Energy'

I wasn’t eating great and was not really exercising. After a few months, I just got tired of being tired. I hate to admit that getting older caused me to change, but I couldn’t eat and drink what I wanted and still maintain a weight in the low 190s. (I was pushing 215 when I came in.)

I walked by Avenu every morning with the dog and would look in. I finally pictured myself doing some of the exercises and then joined.

I’m sure David will concur that it has been a slow road for me. I’m fairly good at locking down my diet when needed, so a high-protein, low-carb diet has always worked pretty quickly.

When I coupled that with strength training, I could see a difference. I have grown to like my workout mornings. I feel better and have more energy.

I think a lot of people (myself included) look at others working out and think “I can’t do that” or “I don’t have time” or “I’m not as far along as they are.” None of that matters. David has made workouts and progress really just about me.

It’s not a competition, there are no style points, and honestly no one cares if I’m there or not expect for the Avenu team. That’s pretty freeing to make the workouts what I want them to be. The body image change is slower (you see it over months), but the strength difference is really quick. You don’t realize how fast four crappy, poorly formed pushups turn into four good form pushups, which then turn into eight, then 12, then a circuit of 12. I have David and Avenu to thank for that.

Josh Adams
Client since October 2016

'The Stamina and Energy To Participate in My Children’s Lives'

I started at Avenu in June 2014 after winning six sessions at a silent auction.

I had herniated a disc in my back three times with three subsequent surgeries. By 2014, I had gained over 40 pounds due to one of my pain medications. I was walking like a little old lady. Getting up from a chair after sitting awhile was very painful. I have arthritis in my back.

The first six months were tough! Many days, I felt like quitting, but I knew it was not the right decision. About eight months into the training, I turned the corner to where it was a good challenge but not exhausting and I really started looking forward to my sessions.

Working out has given me four very important things:

1. It dramatically reduced my back pain. I no longer take mild opioids nightly for pain.

2. It increased my stamina and energy.

3. It helped me lose weight and maintain muscle mass.

4. It helped me handle the stress of caring for my father, who has advanced dementia. I always feel more positive and happy after my workout.

Yes, the weight loss is very important, but, for me, just being pain-free and having the stamina and energy to participate in my children’s lives is just as important.

Kristin Ownby
Client since June 2014

'This Workout Gets Results'

It seemed like I would never get over the mountain of a cancer diagnosis, chemo, surgery and physical therapy I am truly grateful just to be walking again!

After making it through a tough cancer diagnosis and treatment in which I had to be in physical therapy for a year, I was determined to get stronger. Once I was cleared to start working out again, I knew I wanted to get back to building muscle and endurance and that the 30-minute workouts a few times a week were something I could commit to. I had been working out before and was strong. I missed that feeling and knew I wanted to get it back.

The most challenging part of the journey was walking back in the door at Avenu Fitness after two years. I was ready mentally, but physically I was starting from ground zero. Avenu worked with me, got in touch with my physical therapists and tailored a program to my level to start me on the road to getting my strength back. James is always so upbeat and encouraging, and after just a few months I have come so far.

I would encourage anyone to just check out the gym. It is welcoming, almost like a family, and has nutrition, group conditioning or personal training. Whatever works best for you, they have it. The 30-minute workouts are very doable and easy to commit to. As a “woman of a certain age,” I feel it’s so important to build muscle strength and core strength. This workout gets results without building bulk. It’s fun and laid-back. I work out with one of my best friends, so it’s easy to show up twice a week and have a fun workout with her. And knowing we are doing something that is healthy and that makes us feel good is the best.

Elizabeth Fulghum
Client since January 2009

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