The Fight That You Should Embrace

The Fight That You Should Embrace

Great leaders are both relentless and boring. 

They have an uncanny ability to continuously journey down the same unforgiving path for a long time. Some call it grit. Others call it obsession. You might call it a typical day. Whatever you call it, one thing we can all agree on: 

Consistent actions create
consistent outcomes. 

Successful people do consistently what unsuccessful people do inconsistently. But here’s the kicker:

Those who know what to do and how to do it tend to work harder. Those who know why they do it tend to work smarter.

There are 3 types of work: 

  1. Job – what I do
  2. Career – how I do it
  3. Calling – why I do it

“Calling” originates from the medieval Latin noun carraria, which means “a road for vehicles”.  Hence the term career path.

A calling isn’t something that you sign up for.

It’s a repetitive message that comes to you at the right time and place, but you rarely feel like embracing it because it’s not going to lead to instant gratification. You’re annoyed because know there’s an uphill journey just the other side.

To travel this daring uphill journey, you first have to be healthy and fit enough to show up daily. Besides, what good is a calling if nobody is there to pick up the other end of the call?

In regards to your health, there are 3 categories:

  1. Doubtful – quick fix solutions
  2. Frustrating – working out but not changing key behaviors holding you back 
  3. Sustainable – adopting a healthy rhythm of sleep, better food choices and smarter movement because you know why sustainability is key to the outcomes you desire.

Remember: You can’t control the outcome (weight loss, etc), only the daily steps (sleep, food, movement) that lead to your desired goal.

In other words, a healthy lifestyle is sustainable by relentlessly taking the same repetitive (aka: boring) steps daily. The grit that it takes to be a great leader is the same strength of character it takes to lead yourself down the path to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What to do first 

Instead of scrolling social media in search of calorie crushing workouts, talking to your friend who looks fit and can’t stop rattling on about their crazy workout routines, or enduring another short lived detoxing, fat blasting, juice cleanse searching for your questions answered, send them my way.

As in EMAIL me with your question(s).

Clarity alleviates confusion. Clarity is like a paved sidewalk instead of a dodgy cow pasture. I promise, getting your pressing question(s) answered will save you a lot of time, money and on-going headaches.

Luke Skywalker had Yoda.
Tom Brady has Belichick.
You have me….  🙂

You’re the hero of this story. I’m here to challenge you to take the proper steps.  

Brent Gallagher

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