There are no healthy claims in the produce section

There are no healthy claims in the produce section

Eatable food like substances shouldn’t be confused with real food.

At the grocery story, it plays out like this:

  • No healthy claims = Produce section = least profitable foods for farmers
  • Endless healthy claims = Center isles = highest profitable foods for companies


As I flip through all the nutrition research lately, I was more confused than before I started. This was literally the trail of articles:

  1. Low carb diet leads to premature death.
  2. Ketosis is the best weight loss method.
  3. Why intermitting fasting is key to longevity.


Three pieces of research that claim three radically different outcomes in hopes you believe they’re 100% legit. It’s confusing to all of us.

To begin to separate the misleading claims from the truth, follow this simple approach:

  • Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.

Yes, eat the kinds of foods people have been eating since forever.

  • High quality organic vegetables
  • High quality organic fruits
  • High quality organic meats


Follow this simple plan until the end of the year, only 116 days away, and…

  1. watch the weight slip away,
  2. feel your energy shift,
  3. enjoy how well you begin to sleep.


Too simple to work?

Try it for 6 months honestly, like an adult, like your kids are watching every bite you take, like your career depends on it, and let me know how it goes 🙂

Brent Gallagher

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