Under appreciated facts about the calories you burn

Under appreciated facts about the calories you burn

There are three main ways your body burns energy each day:

  1. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) — energy used for your body’s basic functioning while at rest;
  2. Thermic effect of food – energy used to break down food
  3. Energy used in physical activity.

Some very under appreciated facts about the total calories you burn each day:

  • Resting metabolism (BMR) = 60-80% = Yes, really that much.
  • Physical activity = 10 -30% = Wait what?!? Not a lot is it?
  • Digesting food = 10% = No, caffeine and spicy food don’t speed it up.

What this means for you:

To help your resting metabolism, build muscle by doing 2 things consistently, over the long-haul:

  1. Lift weights: Slow down and lift heavy things smartly 2-3 times a week.
  2. Sleep more: It’s the only time your body can recover from a stressful day and rebuild muscle

To lose weight and keep it off, find lifestyle changes you can stick with over a life time.

  1. If changes are too extreme, if the training pace is so intense, if the food restriction is hideous, it’s short lived pursuit.

If you’re looking to get 6, 14 or 23 pounds off, focus on the previous 2 points instead of doing more workouts and cardio.

  1. If you push your body too hard or far, your body enters an inflammatory, stressed state and your hormones get totally out of whack, which in turn messes with your metabolism.
  2. Your metabolism won’t be able to work efficiently unless you give your body time to rest.

The evidence is clear: Exercise is excellent for longterm, sustainable health, but alone, it is insignificant for weight loss.

Brent Gallagher

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