What if the Avenu way is wrong?

What if the Avenu way is wrong?

What if 30 minutes isn’t enough?
What if more is truly the answer?

What if the Avenu way is backwards?

For those of you who know me, know my dyslexic ways can get the best of me at times. It’s why leading Avenu down this backwards path seems completely normal to me!  But you might question if it’s THE right way.

A little context:

Dyslexia is considered a “different way of learning” and causes “one to spend an unusually long time completing reading and writing tasks.”

Why that matters to you?

It means that for me to the read the research, study the science behind what it takes to adopt and live a sustainably healthy life, I have to read, reread and reread over and over again to understand it for the first time.  I get bogged down into the weeds of each sentence, often having to stop and look up what a common word means to understand it again for the first time.

It’s throughout this process, I start asking curious “what if…?” questions because my mind is running wild with possibilities to fill in the gaps.  Sometimes they are silly “what if” questions and sometimes I stumble upon something that might have legs.

As backwards as my thinking goes sometimes, know this:

I’m all about living a sustainable and healthy life in the most convenient and pain-free way imaginable.

I’ll continue investing an unusually long time shifting through the research to help you achieve the same  🙂

Brent Gallagher

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