Why Avenu Fit


Everything we do is built around our three-part promise to you:


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Before your first workout, we treat you to a brief “Fit U” consultation. We’ll find out your fitness goals. But we also take time to assess you as an individual and understand what healthy looks like for you. Let’s face it: We’re not all looking for a six-pack. Most of us simply want to be energized and healthy.


Exercise and a better relationship with food shouldn’t be intimidating. All it takes is one consistent step each day to make healthier choices, have your best workout or push beyond your comfort zone. Each quarter, we’ll assess your progress and work on what your next step looks like. By focusing on one step each quarter, you can consistently attain your goals without feeling overwhelmed.


We created a one-of-a-kind training method called In30. It gives you the most for your workout without all the fluff. And it eliminates any excuse that sounds like “I don’t have enough time.” Now you can fit exercise into your busy schedule and full life.


Your fitness and health goals are unique, and so is our team. We’re runners, real food specialists, exercise enthusiasts and family-focused people who live life to its fullest. We love what we do. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals while still maintaining a positive life balance.


Meet Our Team Members


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When can I work out?

We schedule workout sessions every 30 minutes during our business hours. All sessions are by appointment and start and end on time so that you don’t get stuck at the gym. Whether you’re dropping kids off at school or wanting to be first to the office in the morning, we want to make sure Avenu fits your schedule.

Ready to book your workout?

West U: 713.661.5800

River Oaks: 281.888.5393

How often can I work out?

The frequency of your workouts totally depends on your needs and preferences. Some of our clients work out with us several days a week. Others come in once a week and then do other workouts on their own the rest of the week. You can do one workout session at Avenu Fitness, get a program to do on your own and then return after a month or two.

How are workouts priced?

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Individual sessions (you and a trainer) are $60. Small group sessions are $38.

Can I do Pilates and fitness workouts?

Yes. We welcome you to take part in both kinds of sessions.

Can I exercise at the gym beyond my trainer-led workouts?

On days our clients aren’t training with us, they’re welcome to come in and use our conditioning pieces (treadmills, bike, elliptical).

What if I need help with what I am eating?

We’re glad you asked! We believe that all the gym time in the world won’t help you get truly fit unless you also look at your relationship with food. We start talking about food as part of your on-boarding process at Avenu. But don’t worry: We’re not here to push fad diets and or tell you that you have to follow a million rules about what you can and can’t eat. Instead, it’s all about balance, simplicity and real food that makes you feel good physically and mentally. Programs in our Lifestyle Kitchen show you just how doable healthy eating can be.

How can I learn more?

The next time you’re out and about in the West U or River Oaks neighborhoods, feel free to drop by. We’ll have someone show you around so you can ask questions and get a feel for the Avenu experience. We want you to feel confident that Avenu is the right place for you and a time investment that will pay off.

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